Youre Not Funny or Clever #1

Youre not funny or clever.  I posted a little "reminder" the other day about the fact that I charge actual dollars, hundreds and sometimes thousands of them, for my services.  Why?  Because I was suddenly hit with a large amount of requests from people I know and strangers asking for 2-8 hours of my time and talent, plus editing, for free.   Nope.  I dont work for free.  But alas, my message was lost in translation because I am a woman.  I was not taken seriously as a business person.   Mr. Little Boy Shirtless over here decided to ask if I would be willing to trade snacks?  No.  But again, he pushed it.  Not accepting my answer as a woman.  This is my business and livelihood, not lunch time in grade school.  I will not trade all of my my artistry, my heart and soul, and expertise for your offering of "Chips and Salsa."

I would like to note that one of my favorite clients the morning that this exchange was happening, well she just happened to show up and greet me at the beginning of our photoshoot with Banana Pudding from her favorite bakery.  That is fine! In fact its fantastic and so adorably sweet.  SHE gets it!  SHE did it right.  SHE booked her shoot and paid for my artistry because she respects who I am and what I do.  

Mr. Little Boy Shirtless also did not say anything back, deleted his comment, and unfriended me. 

And remember.  No is the end of discussion, not the beginning of a conversation.