Why on earth would you make this tab for your website?

This seems like a strange and angry tab to make on your website.  It might scare away some clients.  It might make you look unprofessional and emotionally unstable.  How dare you, a woman, express all these feelings of anger on a website that you pay for.  

Are we done with that part? Ok good.  

I am a strange and angry woman.

I am a fox.  I know this. I am tall, tan, blue eyes, blonde hair, and in pretty good shape.  But does that mean that it is ok for men to slip in dirty comments everywhere they can? Nope. 

Is it ok for you to call me a bitch when I dont agree with you? Nope

What about cunt? Nope.

Is it ok to harass me while I am working? Nope. 

Is it ok if you catcall me on the street. Nope. 

But what if you see me with a friend at a pool casually swimming around with our heads above water so that we can still chit-chat about our lives, to then try and lurk your way into our lane and space and conversation for 45 minutes?  Nope.  45 minutes this creep swam next to us and wouldnt go away or take the hint.  

Is it ok when you private message me dirty things on my social media and business pages? Nope.

Is it ok to ask what my plans are later or if I am dating anyone while I am working? Nope. 

Is it ok to touch me if we are not in a romantic relationship? Nope? Dont fucking touch me! 

Is it ok to lurk around and try to "help" me while I am working? Nope.  I am a professional.  Get out of my way. 

What if I am a drunk groomsman at a wedding?  Can I linger around and flirt with you in front of my boys?  Nope.  I will shut you down and embarrass you.  Seriously, dont hit on the wedding photographer!  Our days are up to 18 hours long, these are huge contracts with hundreds of people to coordinate.   We cannot miss any shots or any moments by having to go out of our way to avoid creepy groomsmen, uncles, and other drunk guest trying to grope us.   

But what if we go out and I really want to kiss you even though you stated clearly before hanging out that this was just a fun and simple "get to know each other" kind of outing.    So that means I should try 3 different times to kiss you correct?  Nope!  Thats just going to make me not trust you and ghost you.  

Is it ok to say anything to me that you wouldnt say to a male professional photographer? Probably not.  

Is it ok to take my photo without my consent and then try to use it as a pick up line? Nope.  "Hey, I took this cool pic of you on my phone, whats your number Ill text it to you"   

Is it ok when you text it to me even though I gave you my number under strict context of a business and networking relationship? Especially if you are 30 years older than me? Nope.  And ewww! 

If you find yourself having to use the phrase "I was just joking around" then you are probably being offensive.  Im funny, and I dont have to explain my jokes or sense of humor.  People get it, they are charmed over by it, they find it unique.  How about you figure out a way to communicate and express your ideas without putting down other people. 

JUST BECAUSE I AM HOT DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE ENTITLED TO ASK AND SAY DIRTY QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS TO ME.   Do not send me pictures of your unimpressive dick.  Just because I am a woman and I call you out on your bullshit, dont then turn around and tell me I am being irrational.   I have experienced a massive amount of sexism this week, and Im done.  Im posting all of it.  I literally only have this problem with men.  Women are not creepy.  Women help each other.  Women are nice and if they see me working they let me work.  Women get each other water and tell all their friends about your skills as a photographer, artist, good with kids, good with pets, they talk about my patience and my travels and every other aspect of my personality that has nothing to do with trying to get in my pants.  Women are not the problem.  

Obviously I also have many stories of very respectful and wonderful men I have worked with.  Most men get it.  Most men are nice humans.  I do not hate men.  But I am an angry feminist and there has been an excess in bullshit lately and I am sick of it.