He sexted me, then called me a bitch for not participating back

I have a 14 page document on the reasons I hate this man.  Things turned sour and he became very cruel.  I am grateful I never lost myself and became completely broken.  Reading back though that 14 pages was intense, and I feel if I were any weaker I would not have survived his verbal abuse as well as I did.  I am lucky to have goofy happy friends that constantly remind me how fun life is.  I am lucky I am a happy person.   This was the biggest dating burn that Ive ever been hit with.  I was lucky, I only dated him for a month, some women get trapped for years.   He has multiple offenses in my book.  He has stolen my photos that I took of myself with my camera and skills, posted them for sale on his website, and tries to sell them still in coffee shops and at art fairs.  I have documentation of everything, but for now I simply dont want him in my life.  Its not worth a cease and desist letter, its not worth small claims court or copyright infringement.  They arent nude photos, but still they are legally mine. 

This was our final conversation.  After not seeing each other or really talking for about a month.  He sexted me out of the blue, and then called me a bitch for not participating back.  I blocked him from everything right then and there.  

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