Dont use the word "If" in an apology

When you use the word "if" as a loophole in your apology, its not an apology.  You are reversing the blame back onto the person you offended.  Fucking own up to being called out on your crappy behavior.  Yes.  You fucking offended me. Where is the questions of "if?"  Your apology doesnt count.  This particular instance it took me a while to even realize the sexism happening.  But I think you can tell where I became pissed.  It was when I lied about having plans with my friend, because I didnt want to meet with him.  This man is a photographer I met for all of 5 minutes at an event last week.  I was hot and it was at the end of my day, and he stood way to close to me and kept encroaching on my personal space.  We exchanged information under the context of work and networking.  This is the same event with my Letter to the Bald Jackass.  This photographer is also an old white male with the opposite of the traditional "yoga body"  

I blocked out his name because he did try to apologize, even though I am not counting it.  But more importantly I still have clients I respect and work with attached to this disaster of an event.

But seriously, dont use the word "if" in an apology.  "Oh, Im sorry if you were offended sweetie pie..."   I have heard all forms of this patronizing apology and Im done.     

Dont Use the Word If.jpg