Dont Tell Me How To Edit My Photos

This ass-hat actually had the audacity to re-edit one of my images and send it back to me.  Um excuse me WHAT?  That is like repainting over a painting and mailing it back to the artist!?   Did you know that I spent 4 years in the sub basement of my University developing images in the darkroom.  I have been trained to see all the subtle and tiny differences in tonality in a black and white.  I can think in black and white images.  When I am shooting I already know how I am going to edit each picture.  A few months ago I posted two pictures on Instagram asking "Which do you like better?  Black and White or Color?"  Its a simple question yes?  This clown of a photographer re-edits my black and white one and sends it back.  Why a clown? Because when I went to his page before he blocked me his images were way over edited.   There was too much sharpening, too much contrast, and just bad composition through out his feed.  I am the better photographer here.  Yes I compare my work to others and often find I am miles above in skill level and technique.  Whatever, we are all on different paths.  But you crossed the line dear stupid Jay, and pissed me off.    I am very proud of my black and white images.  I have a consistent flow in my editing and I can guarantee that any image picked out on my website printed up large would look incredible.  The problem is not my photography or editing style.  Your vignettes that you love so much cheapen your already shit photography.   The problem is you Jay, and how you think any of this interaction is ok and welcomed.  Fuck you.  

I was going to use his name and account, but then I remembered he is a small brained Trump supporter and I want nothing to do with promoting the current joke and disaster of the sitting president.  He then messaged my friend Heather saying something along the lines of "Your friend Rachel is an uptight entitled bitch who cant handle criticism"  And if you look, I literally just said the one single statement to him about our different editing styles.  Luckily I grabbed this screenshot before he blocked me.