Photography Workshop

Learn to shoot in full Manual mode in just 2 hours!  In 2014 I was hired as a high school Photography Teacher in Texas.   It was challenging, funny, rewarding, and fantastic.  I realized that aside from taking portraits and making people feel good about themselves, I also love just talking about cameras.  To me knowledge should be accessible and fun.   There are so many learning styles and sometimes a Youtube tutorial just doesn't cut it.  The student needs to be able to ask questions and experience corrections in an appropriate time frame.   So for the person who wants a more casual approach to learning about photography - I offer this workshop.  There is no paperwork to fill out, I don't give homework, I just talk to you, and then we go for a walk.   I have designed this for anyone who has a DSLR and wants to know how to use it better.  If you have seen amazing photography and for some reason just cant seem to get the hang of it, then this is for you.   It is for the complete beginner or for the guy with a million questions about how to do this and that.  

The Layout

 I have designed this as an individual workshop.  I will evaluate your needs before we meet and create a custom lesson plan for you. We will meet at a coffee shop downtown Long Beach.   I will go over some of the tech specks of the camera with you and teach you how to zero out your meter.  From there we will walk around downtown for about an hour and 15 minutes and shoot together.  I will help correct your exposures and continue to give you ideas of what to shoot.   I also bring a Photo Scavenger hunt for you to do and worksheet for you to keep.  You must have a DSLR so I can teach you how to use it.