Women's March 2018 L.A.

I am thankful and impressed by the millions of people who take the time to march for the rights of humans.  This was at the 2018 Women's March in LA.   We should remember that both sides want peace and love.  Nobody is fighting for hate and war to continue forever and ever, it's our messages that are getting crossed.  Being the middle child, I am an expert on compromise.  That's all we have to do here, is listen to each other   We can only grow if we help those stuck at the bottom.  Life happens, everyone gets stuck and deserves a kind non-judgmental smile.   I challenge those reading this to start making small differences in your day to day interactions with everyone.  Everyone deserves to be treated kindly and respectfully like a human with a family and dreams.   One time I was walking into a grocery store here in LA.  Outside was a homeless man, barefoot and dirty.  He was just standing off to the side minding his own business.   A high society type woman with a pixie haircut had to pass him while entering the store, at the same time I was also entering the store.  Not a full step after passing this man this woman hissed with so much disdain and hatred in her voice it caused me to stop and stare at her.   She hissed at this man "disgusting"  As if she was repulsed to be on the same planet as him.   I kind of followed her around for a bit.  I thought about putting sour patch kids in her cart, to match her sour soul.    But then I decided to spend an extra $20 on the man instead.  I know he heard her, and it must have just crushed him.  So I bought him a pair of sandals, a sandwich and fruit, and some bottled water.  He never asked for anything, but I got a surprised and mostly toothless smile from him when I handed him a little grocery bag.   It's not hard to be kind.  Just look for those who need it.  

This image features a black skirt until that will be changed back to teal once I respect the Presidency again.  

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