Am I really that "wild"

Oh look!  Legs! 

Humans. I knew going out to the Women’s March to get shots for the project would draw a little crowd. I am not a fool, I expected this. It was quite nerve wracking and I sat on this curb for a good 20 minutes with my patient friend Matt as I summoned the courage to do get this shot. And I did it, a good 2 or 3 minutes headstand with all sorts of crazy leg variations. However when I flipped back over one of the men on the left came up to me with his phone in my face. Clearly recording a video and started asking me all sorts of questions about what I was doing.  I wish I remembered what all he was asking, but he had about 10 questions ready to launch at me.  I tried to be charming and nice, but I was also shaking off a head rush and an adrenaline rush that comes from flashing a crowd of strangers.  I excused myself to grab my jacket and wished him happy marching. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes later that I figured out why I was feeling funky. First of all he never asked for my consent to be recorded or interviewed. He just popped into my face and I was expected to answer. And he also never introduced himself or said where the footage was going. Yes. I am aware I am doing something strange in public. That’s why there are 7 other people also taking my picture. And it’s a rally where oddballs are expected to appear. So I understand the slight hypocrisy that comes from me complaining about this guy recording me when I too recorded him. But at the end of the day I don’t like the interaction I had with him. I thought it was tacky and entitled of him to so brazenly approach me the way he did. And it was at a WOMENS MARCH! I mean come on buddy! Get a clue. Understand your environment a little more. I don’t too much care about the other people because they kept to themselves. One guy was super sweet and came up to me after a different headstand and said his daughter LOVED it. And behind him was a sweet 6 or 7 year old girl blushing. Overall I loved the March. I will go again and again until we no longer have to have one.

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