Go up.

Go up.  Take the high road.  Even when its hard.  Its childish to mock others for doing their thing in life.  Its a veil for the lack of thought inside your own head.   So you fill the air with plain observations about the appearance of another human whom you do not know.  You dont know their story, their dreams, their heartache, or who on this planet they would die for.   It speaks more of your character than it does theirs.  Just live your life and go be happy.  Its shocking how there is such an accepted culture of tearing people down on the internet for doing the smallest thing.  A meme does not represent the core of a person.   So go up.  Trade your rude habits for nicer ones.   Stop name calling.  Upgrade it to compliments.  Be nice - even if its one sided.  Stop criticizing and see the beauty of who and what is in front of you.  


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