The Field Trip Flasher

I found these crazy tide pools over in San Pedro.  My friends and I set up and I went to flip my skirt over my head.  It heated up under there pretty quick.  I moved my legs all around.  I did the splits at one point.  The goal is to hold the headstand as long as possible in order to get the most shots in one flip over.  In my living room I can hold it for 2 minutes.  On a slanted mossy rock I can hold it for 45 seconds.  I lowered my legs and whooshed the skirt over my head.  And suddenly there was a field trip of middle schoolers looking at me.  Only about a handful seemed notice me.  And they were still about 100 feet away.  I knew I still had to do one more.  So I did, I went back over, Heather fluffed my skirt, I got my shots and sat back up.  This time when I came up everyone had moved closer. A group of the girls clapped for me.  Thank you ladies!  You made me feel less creepy.   Cheers to science and discovery, because that's clearly what the field trip was suppose to be about.