Ring of Fire

This is the one image for this project that isn't mine.  Because it is much better than the one I took.  My friend Heather, who is also an incredible photographer, invited me to a beach bonfire on May 10th.  3 days before my birthday and project deadline.  I had all my shots.  Turns out another photographer brought a bunch of steel wool to light up.  I told him and the other campfire guys about the project, and before I knew it they had worked to build a ring of fire for me to be in the middle of.  Upside down.  With a giant skirt over my head.  Oh, and with the guys behind me swinging fire around.  I was basically instructing Heather on how to post the project in case this turned into more of a sacrifice situation.   (The ocean was just 15 feet away, so no real concerns except for the sharks)  Thankfully everything worked and we were able to get this shot!!  And thankfully Heather was also taking pictures on her camera because once everything was lit up, my exposure wacked out on my camera.  And she gave me full permission to use it because she is a sweetheart like that.  Thanks girl! You made this project so much better.    Find her on Instagram @HeatherLemmon   Cheers to years of practice playing with fireworks in Texas.   Cheers to my new fire loving friends!