I am a tree now.

I had a tree growing up.  Everyone called it Rachel’s tree.  Sometimes Kelsey would climb it too, not as high up as I would go.  I would go to the tippy top of that cedar tree, and look out over our roof line and through the neighborhood.  And I would just sit there.  For years and years, I would climb around and up my tree.    Sometimes I would bring a book.  Or a backpack packed with snacks.  One time a squirrel started hissing at me from a branch just above my head, I thought he was going to jump on me and chew my face off.  But I loved my tree.  There was an ice storm when I was in college.  And all of the best branches broke off.  I cried when I saw it.   So cheers to my climbing tree and all the other tree climbers out there.