DreamHouse TreeHouse

I can see myself living in a treehouse at some point in life.  A super awesome one though.  My sister came to visit when I started this project.  We drove up to see the redwoods and they did not disappoint.  As soon as I saw these two trees I knew instantly that this would be one of my favorite shops.  I made her re-hike the trail with me to get this picture.  Cheers to you Kelsey - you’re one of the best artists I know and possibly in the world.  So it’s always easy to be creative and weird with you because that’s how your brain is too.  Seriously, find her on Instagram.  She is insanely skilled.  @SeeKelseyPaint. Cheers to Meghan too because you’re always quick to encourage me and help me develop my ideas.  We will have an awesome sisters weekend once I pimp out my treehouse.  (pimp it out with cats)