Docked Forever

I live by the Queen Mary.  I see her almost every day and have sort of fallen in love with her.  The first R-rated movie I was allowed to see was the Titanic, in my grandparents basement, in Kansas.  At that point I fell in love with not only the story, but everything about the ship.  I watched all the James Cameron documentaries.  I went to the traveling shows and touched the fake icebergs until my hands were numb.  I bought a lump of coal that was recovered from the wreck site of the Titanic.  It's a tragic but mesmerizing story.  So to live next to a ship that was built in the same era with the same style is incredible.   I knew I had to take some of my pictures on her.   She came to Long Beach in 1967 and is docked permanently.  Also she is a one of the most haunted places on earth!  I haven't seen any ghost yet, but I have definitely felt them.  Down by the infirmary it feels quite ghosty.   No cheers here, I hope eventually all those ghosts can figure out where they belong.