Classic Beach Babe

I like doing headstands in the sand.  It cradles around me a just a bit and I am able to really control and stabilize my headstands to hold them a touch longer.  This was shot in Laguna, CA.  As I was setting up I walked away from my camera and tripod for a moment.  And in that moment a massive wave rushed up over the rocks and crash down onto my camera.  A few people squealed in sympathy.  I stood there for a moment just staring at my wet camera, still upright on the tripod.  “Yup, that just happened, it's probably fine….”  And it was. I wiped it off with my skirt and so far she is still shooting great.  Way to go Beasty!   Cheers to finally moving to the sea.  There is way more wind than I was expecting.  It is literally always windy. 

***Beasty, the name of my camera***