Actually, I dont need to be nude for this.

To the male photographer and other straight males that have suggested I do this naked.  First of all, pick your words better.  When talking about art we call it “nude.”  Second of all, this is not a sexy project.  This is me being goofy while combining the artful side of myself.  I've done a lot since this time 10 years ago.  I've grown and discovered my passions.  I think legs are funny.  I think being upside down is funny.  I like when somebody is able to capture the human form in a unique way.  As a photographer I 100% believe that every person is beautiful.  It's my job.  Its how my brain is wired.  You can put any person in front of me and I will take a beautiful and proper portrait of them, and they will like it.  They will feel happy.  And that's what I want, I want my clients to feel happy when they look at their pictures.   It is shocking in the photography business when I hear other photographers comments on their clients bodies and styles.  I've heard “Too bad I can't use them in my portfolio, but I will still take their money” on multiple occasions across multiple states that I have lived in.  And it shocks me every time.  Obviously it is tacky and rude, but also - Buddy, that is your job!  It is your job to make them look good, and how can you do that if you are blinded by societies standards of beauty?   Being nude in this image doesn’t add to it.  Being nude in every image doesn’t fit with the story I am trying to tell.  I will probably be nude for a couple images as I continue this project into the future.  But right now there is no artful need for full nudity.  It would just be to have a naked girl in the photo.  And while others can do and make what they please, for me I think there should be a strong reason to introduce a nude person into any sort of art.   Cheers to not being told how to make my art.