A Decade of Dance Class

I still have my pointe shoes I play with every now and then.  I had a love/hate relationship with dance class as a kid. I was pretty good at it, but I became burnt out and bored with the choreography after just a few weeks.  So I would dance how I felt in class - which would waste everyone's time.   I still love to dance.  It happens mostly alone in the mornings when the coffee kicks in.  One of my favorite stories belongs to my Dad.  Apparently when I was 5 I had my first dance recital.  I was in a black leotard, tap shoes, and sporting a top hat and a cane.  It was a line of 20 five year old girls, and I on the end next to the stage curtains.   According to my dad I leaned over my cane, propped myself up comfortably and watched all the other girls perform.  To which he rolled his eyes.  I had several recitals after that.  In my prime I was an ice sculpture and my friend Clair was the Ice Queen who brought me to life.   If only I saved that amazing ribbon LED wrapped hulu-hoop portal I made for that winter dance.  I've always been great at crafts.  Cheers to a decade of dance class.  The grace it gave me is ever lasting.