Anything Goes Room

I was lucky enough to visit the 14th Factory show.  A walk through art experience.  One of the rooms was a duplicated set from Space Odyssey.  I haven't seen the movie.  But I was instantly intrigued by this white room.  While in line to to go inside of it, only 4 people are allowed in at a time for 60 seconds, I over heard the door man saying “you can do anything, just don't sit on the furniture or touch anything.”   I perked up.  Anything? I asked.  He replied with “Oh yea, we had a guy run naked through here, a man proposed... “  I went back a few days later with my friend Heather.  I got to the front of the line and explained my project to the same gentleman and he kindly waved me inside.  Here’s to space travel and crazy future art.  Cheers to Simon Birch and his creations at the 14th Factory.  Thank you for letting me use it.