Flower Wall

Its my BIRTHDAY!!!  My wonderful friend Heather and I spent two months making this mural for another side project of ours.  So of course I had to do a headstand in front of it.  

Flower Wall.jpg

Touch the Horizon

Go to your happy place and search for the end of the horizon.  Interpret this in a way that makes you happy.  I'm happy.  I recommend happy.  

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Go up.

Go up.  Take the high road.  Even when its hard.  Its childish to mock others for doing their thing in life.  Its a veil for the lack of thought inside your own head.   So you fill the air with plain observations about the appearance of another human whom you do not know.  You dont know their story, their dreams, their heartache, or who on this planet they would die for.   It speaks more of your character than it does theirs.  Just live your life and go be happy.  Its shocking how there is such an accepted culture of tearing people down on the internet for doing the smallest thing.  A meme does not represent the core of a person.   So go up.  Trade your rude habits for nicer ones.   Stop name calling.  Upgrade it to compliments.  Be nice - even if its one sided.  Stop criticizing and see the beauty of who and what is in front of you.  


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I Love Long Beach

I had no way of knowing 2 years ago that I would love this city as much as I do.  I have a "rule" out here.  More of just a way to extra observe and people watch.  Basically any time you are outside in Long Beach for more than an hour you will see three special humans doing their special unique things.  It could be a 3 kids, one on a bike and two with ropes and skateboards.  It could be all the silly dog moms with dog strollers.  Or it could be the guy that yodels on the bluff after yoga class.  Every one is a little weird here.   Its fantastic.  This new Rainbow Bridge is enchanting and always worth the detour to stroll though at night.  Thank you Long Beach for being you. 

Rainbow Bridge Logo.jpg


Cheers to one of the best adventures I've had in life.  Great friends and belly hurting laughs.  :)

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Am I really that "wild"

Oh look!  Legs! 

Humans. I knew going out to the Women’s March to get shots for the project would draw a little crowd. I am not a fool, I expected this. It was quite nerve wracking and I sat on this curb for a good 20 minutes with my patient friend Matt as I summoned the courage to do get this shot. And I did it, a good 2 or 3 minutes headstand with all sorts of crazy leg variations. However when I flipped back over one of the men on the left came up to me with his phone in my face. Clearly recording a video and started asking me all sorts of questions about what I was doing.  I wish I remembered what all he was asking, but he had about 10 questions ready to launch at me.  I tried to be charming and nice, but I was also shaking off a head rush and an adrenaline rush that comes from flashing a crowd of strangers.  I excused myself to grab my jacket and wished him happy marching. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes later that I figured out why I was feeling funky. First of all he never asked for my consent to be recorded or interviewed. He just popped into my face and I was expected to answer. And he also never introduced himself or said where the footage was going. Yes. I am aware I am doing something strange in public. That’s why there are 7 other people also taking my picture. And it’s a rally where oddballs are expected to appear. So I understand the slight hypocrisy that comes from me complaining about this guy recording me when I too recorded him. But at the end of the day I don’t like the interaction I had with him. I thought it was tacky and entitled of him to so brazenly approach me the way he did. And it was at a WOMENS MARCH! I mean come on buddy! Get a clue. Understand your environment a little more. I don’t too much care about the other people because they kept to themselves. One guy was super sweet and came up to me after a different headstand and said his daughter LOVED it. And behind him was a sweet 6 or 7 year old girl blushing. Overall I loved the March. I will go again and again until we no longer have to have one.

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Women's March 2018 L.A.

I am thankful and impressed by the millions of people who take the time to march for the rights of humans.  This was at the 2018 Women's March in LA.   We should remember that both sides want peace and love.  Nobody is fighting for hate and war to continue forever and ever, it's our messages that are getting crossed.  Being the middle child, I am an expert on compromise.  That's all we have to do here, is listen to each other   We can only grow if we help those stuck at the bottom.  Life happens, everyone gets stuck and deserves a kind non-judgmental smile.   I challenge those reading this to start making small differences in your day to day interactions with everyone.  Everyone deserves to be treated kindly and respectfully like a human with a family and dreams.   One time I was walking into a grocery store here in LA.  Outside was a homeless man, barefoot and dirty.  He was just standing off to the side minding his own business.   A high society type woman with a pixie haircut had to pass him while entering the store, at the same time I was also entering the store.  Not a full step after passing this man this woman hissed with so much disdain and hatred in her voice it caused me to stop and stare at her.   She hissed at this man "disgusting"  As if she was repulsed to be on the same planet as him.   I kind of followed her around for a bit.  I thought about putting sour patch kids in her cart, to match her sour soul.    But then I decided to spend an extra $20 on the man instead.  I know he heard her, and it must have just crushed him.  So I bought him a pair of sandals, a sandwich and fruit, and some bottled water.  He never asked for anything, but I got a surprised and mostly toothless smile from him when I handed him a little grocery bag.   It's not hard to be kind.  Just look for those who need it.  

This image features a black skirt until that will be changed back to teal once I respect the Presidency again.  

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Mountain Top Dance

There is a part of me that will always be a proper ballerina.  She is structured with a perfect hair bun and ready to dance when the right kind of music starts playing.  And I love her.  

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Stormy Nights

I love the rain.  Nothing beats a Texas thunderstorm in April.  For years I was able to embrace and enjoy them.  Now when I travel I am a little slower to find shelter when it starts to rain.  I am more likely to be pulling out my camera and looking for a puddle.  Cheers to embracing the storms that come your way.  

Stormy Evening.jpg

The Sprinkle Pool

The Sprinkle Pool at the Museum of Ice Cream.  This is the closest Ive been to a Willy Wonka Factory experience.  Cheers for the simple surge of happiness that comes from being in a room full of bright colors. 

Sprinkle Pool.jpg


The sunrise of my 30's.  Upside down with my best friend Katy at 5am, on a mountain in Colorado, outside of the apartment we just moved her to.  She is attempting to scurry out of the shot.   But the thing is - is life is always better with Katy in it.