Thank you for snooping around my website, I'm honored you are here.  I am one of the lucky ones in that I found a career and a passion that 100% connects with my identity.  My name is Rachel, and I am a photographer. 

My Story

My name is Rachel Heimerman.  I was born on a Tuesday in May (according to Google anyways, I don't actually remember the day of the week) into a family of Artists.  (My dad has a wood shop that we goof around in, my mother is glassblower, and my two sisters are painters.) The family motto growing up was something along the lines of  "Oh, do you like that? Here are all the things to make something similar to that thing you like"  (ie: like the time we spent 2 days practicing writing our names on grains of rice with a fine point sharpie)  It was fun, we are loud and random, and very creative - what's not to love? 

I went to Texas Tech University and graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Photography and a BA in Psychology.

Broken Hammock

After college I spent a year in the Dallas hospitals doing newborn photography.  (I still stay current on all my newborn shots, I take sanitation very seriously and clean everything between newborn sessions)  The trick is to have the baby in a tiny milk coma.  Parents continually tell me that I am a very patient person as they watch me meticulously pose the fingertips and toes of their sleeping baby - it's not really about a patience level for me, its about loving my craft and taking the time to set up the scene.  It may only take 1/100 of a second to actually "take" a picture, but I want the picture and everything in it to be up to my standards.  So I take the time to stretch out the tiny fingers and tuck the tiny feet under their cute little flat butts.  (for those of you who haven't seen a naked newborn in a while, it seriously goes from big bulgy baby tummy right into the legs - they have no butts.  Its quite adorable).


I then spent the next 3 years working mostly for another photography company as a corporate/event photographer.  During my time with them, I photographed hundreds of Corporate Training Sessions, thousands of Head shots, Key-note Speakers, Group Shots, Game-Nights and any other event they threw my way.  I have shot several multi-day Conventions at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, Texan Gaylord Resort and Convention Center and been flown to Las Vegas and D.C. for other week long conferences.   My favorite has to be the Podcast Movement that books me every year.  Its just a week of  energetic keynotes, wonderful people, and loads of geeky sound gadgets for sale.  Do I need microphones and fancy headphones, no, not yet at least.  But I know where to go when I am really to start a podcast!  I am quite good at this type of photography, and have always had positive reviews from the clients I have worked with. 

In that same 3 year time frame I have worked with several other photographers in the Wedding Industry.  I have easily shot over 300 weddings since I graduated college.  Christian Weddings, Hindu Weddings, Pakistani Weddings, Vietnamese Weddings, LBGT and Gay Weddings - I love weddings, I love the whole day.  I love love.  I grew up on Disney movies and I am a sucker for those googly eyes.   And what is wonderful about all these religions and ceremonies, is that everyone has the same core values they teach their children.  Be nice, be good, and help those who need help.  Many photographers swear they will never shoot another wedding, but its quite simple, you just follow the bride around and photograph what ever is happening in her general area.  I know my camera inside and out, so I can easily set up scenes and get the picture that I see in my head.  It is more laid back on my end verses my corporate photography life, I have the freedom to make my really bad jokes and get people to laugh awkwardly.  Or my favorite instruction is simply "Look at each other and fake laugh really loudly"  because even if they laugh quietly, it always turns into a real laugh and thats when I snap the picture.  I could write a whole page on my awkward camera instructions and jokes I say during my sessions - but I wont.  I will save that in-person magic for when you book me.  



At some point I was also high-school photography teacher in Texas.  That was a weird year, I loved it.  It was a strange role to be the person in charge of other humans.  Around 150 of them, plus the extras that wondered into my room because "they heard I was cool"  Who was I to kick them out!?  I swear the first 2 months I was dumbfounded daily that any of the students actually sat quietly and did what I told them to.  "Why are you listening to me, I don't know what I am doing with this class or with my own life, haven't you been taught to question authority?  I can assure you I am not the most adulty adult in this building !?"  I would yell in my own head while sitting at my desk watching 30 students do some overly elaborate photoshop project I made up just for the purpose of being time consuming.   I have several stories crazy stories from that year, but I look back fondly and I am proud of the work I did.   Then I quit and backpacked around Europe.  Moved to Chicago just for the winter.  Went back to Texas for a very important wedding.  Road-tripped with my sister around the Grande Canyon.  And now I live in L.A.   Its hard to say whats next.  But I am rather proud that all of my important things fit in my Jeep.   And I am impressed you have read this far.  Please email me just to say you read it.  Im curious as to who the 5 people a week are that look at my website.   

Thank you.  You are awesome and I hope your day is awesome.   I saw a Snoopy quote today where Charlie said to Snoopy "Some day we will all die"  And Snoopy replied "True, but on all the other days we will not"  And I fell in love with this dark motivational quote.  So, even if your day is going crummy - its probably not your deathday.  Perk up Buttercup!  You got this!