This is what I love to do. As weird as it may seem, I feel as if the camera is now a mechanical extension of my soul. When I am not shooting for clients, I am still taking pictures. I am laying on the ground or crouching awkwardly because I am constantly seeing interesting shadows and shapes in the ordinary life that people pass by. I am always planning the next adventure. My camera makes me brave. With her I do things I would probably not do otherwise. I push my comfort levels; I stay out a little later in the city to get an interesting skyline shot, I keep climbing up the mountain so that I can shoot down over the city, or I just take her to a bar to people watch. I don’t post a lot of my pictures. I know I am not the best, but Im damn good and you will love what I capture for you. The camera has inspired hundreds of beautiful people and they are able to take extrodiary pictures. I will always be learning and expirmenting. This is what I love to do, this is my bliss. - Rachel
Rachel Marie Photography
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